Wayward Ep. 3

III.         KIMBERLY Lewis and I walked the university roads, passing lecture halls and collected clubs, with the setting sun behind us, making everyone silhouettes. “You want me to stalk her?” I asked him. “I want you to get to know her,” he corrected. “Without talking to her?” “Learn about her, is what I’m saying.” I […]

Letters to Elliot Hawthorne Ep. 8 (end of Volume I)

[3] Elliot Hawthorne’s letters outnumbered his birthdays. They outnumbered Grandpa Samuel’s too. Elliot had written ninety-two letters to his father and ninety-two letters to his mother, each set with the same words exactly. He kept those letters (having no address to send them) under his bed until the day he ventured out onto the parkway […]